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10 Rules to Live By

"10 Rules to Live By" by Alicia Gromicko
"10 Rules to Live By" by Alicia Gromicko

Well, my friends, marriage comes down to 10 rules:

  • two rules for the wife to follow, and

  • eight rules for the hubby to follow.

Are you ready? Here they are...


  1. Submit yourself to your husband. "Submit" is a loving obedience by proper arrangement and deliberate decision.

  2. Revere your husband. Honor and esteem him.

I know these are huge shockers. But hang in there. Don't leave just yet. Keep reading.


1. Be the head of your wife. You're the leader, the captain of the ship.

2. Love your wife.

  • Have an active concern for her well-being.

  • Cherish and revere her.

  • Make much of your wife as your set her up on the pedestal of your heart.

  • Set her apart in a very special way.

  • Cover her with love in every way possible.

Ladies... when my husband treats me this way, I am like melted butter. I would do ANYTHING for him, which includes submit and revere.3. Love your wife as you would your own body.

  • Look out for her health, well-being, and comfort.

  • Care for and encourage her.

4. Nourish your wife.

  • Nurture her.

  • Provide what is necessary for her to be strong.

  • Promote her growth and health.

5. Cherish your wife.

  • Oversee her tenderly.

  • Protect and care for her.

  • Treat her with warmth and kindness.

  • Provide a warm, tender and caring environment for her.

  • Soften her with the tenderness of your heart.

  • Cherish her with tender love and care.

  • Cover her with warmth and protection.

Holy smokes... I'm weak in the knees just typing this stuff out.6. Leave your father and mother, and leave your parents' oversight in regard to your marriage.

7. Be joined to your wife.

  • Be glued or welded together.

  • Be responsible to keep the relationship tight and together.

  • Keep it growing.

8. Be one flesh with your wife. Be like-minded.

Those are the 10 rules. My husband and I follow the rules as best as we can, and our marriage is strong and our love is wonderful.

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