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2 Simple Keys to a Happy Marriage

2 Simple Keys to a Happy Marriage
2 Simple Keys to a Happy Marriage

Recently Sarah broke up with her boyfriend, Tom. Tom was crushed, hurt and very sad; however he said, "Sarah, whatever makes you happy".

This is so very, very true. Our men will do anything and everything to make us happy. They breath to make us happy. They will work, sweat and tear to see us smile. They will fight to the end to set the moon and stars at our feet.

If there is a time during the day when I'm quiet or withdrawn, my husband will ask many times "are you 'ok'?" He's asking this to make sure I'm happy.

Men will do everything in their power to bring happiness and joy to the woman they love.

Have you ever heard the term "happy wife, happy life"? Well, it's very true.

When you are happy and cheerful and thankful and peaceful, well rested and loving; your husband will feel proud and accomplished. Your happiness is a direct reflection on how well he takes care of you, how he protects and nourishes you. Your happiness is the the gauge that tells him how well he's doing as he guards, protects and is responsible for the love in your marriage.

So, what you can you do to stay happy and make you husbands day at the same time?

1. Stay thankful! Be thankful for what you have and where you are in life with your husband. There's nothing worse for you, your husband or your family than trying to "keep up with the Jones's" . Keeping up with the Jones's is trouble.

2. Tell/show your husband that he is the source of your happiness. Tell him that he makes you happy. Smile at him. Hug him. Thank him for the little and big things that he does for you everyday. Giggle with excitement and thank him with sincere gratitude when he takes you out to dinner or out for ice cream. Make a fuss and thank him with joy when he brings you home a bottle of wine, flowers or a bag of groceries. The point here is to acknowledge your man and be very happy as much as you can around him; always letting him know that he makes you happy.

Your happiness is the air he breathes, it is the blood that runs through him and keeps him living.

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