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7 Words That Changed My Life

 7 Words That Changed My Life
7 Words That Changed My Life

We have one vehicle, a huge Dodge Ram truck. For me, it's very difficult to drive.

We've had it for five years, and each and every year, I've crashed into something while in reverse: a light pole, a Volkswagen, a Subaru, a Jaguar, a concrete wall in the parking garage.

And each and every time I go to HubbyHubby with great apologies, he says, "You can do no wrong, my love."

I've adopted the same thinking about him.

He sometimes doesn't do things they way I expected or asked--buys the wrong laundry detergent, arrives late for a school event, pays a bill late, yadda-yadda-yadda.

I don't bitch, nag or complain. I say to myself, "He can do no wrong."

This attitude keeps me thankful and keeps the peace.

The next time your hubby doesn't do something exactly the way you planned, try to say to yourself, "He can do no wrong."

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