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Date Night

 Date Night
Date Night

Tonight is date night. Hallelujah!

HubbyHubby and I go on a date every week. And, boy, do I look forward to it.

I plan my outfit days in advance. I line up a sitter and make sure the kiddos have their favorite dinner and treats.

When the girls were little, we dated around nap times and nursing schedules. The dates were short, but we made them happen.

If we couldn't get out of the house for a date, then we would have a candlelight-picnic date or a movie-and-popcorn date--anything to carve out a special, special time and place for just us.

Another trick to make it special is to wear a special outfit, something different than what you wear every day--maybe some different accessories, like an evening bag, jewelry, heels, perfume--something, anything, that shows hubby that this time is special and you are thinking of impressing him.

Here's a list of date night ideas:

  • Dinner & a movie

  • Hiking

  • Bike ride to town and having a drink or coffee

  • Batting cage

  • Mini-golf

  • Driving range

  • Dancing

  • Tennis

  • Walk from restaurant to restaurant, and sit at the bar and order an appetizer at each.

  • Skiing

  • Boating

  • Secretly send the kids to their grandparents or a friend's sleepover, and when hubby comes home, have a candlelight dinner waiting.

  • Go for a walk and window-shop.

What kinds of date nights do you and your hubby go on?

What kinds of dates did you go on before you were married?


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