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Dating Your Spouse Every Night

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Dating Your Spouse Every Night by Alicia
Dating Your Spouse Every Night by Alicia

Kelly and her husband, Matt, are in their early 50's. They have 3 children ages 11,13 and 15.

In the evening, Kelly makes dinner for her children. She and Matt sit at the table and chat with their kids as they eat their dinner; however, Kelly and her husband don't eat dinner with the kids.

After the children are in bed for the night, Kelly and Matt make dinner for themselves. They sit down and have a candlelight dinner together with wine and dinner music. Every night.

Kelly said that her and Matt have been "dating" like this since their children were babies. She continued to say that it works for them, and it has saved and strengthened their marriage.

It's their sacred time, without exception.

My hats off to Kelly and Matt.

Dating doesn't have to be extravagant or cost a dime. It's the time and thought invested that keeps the marriage together.

Keeping your marriage sacred and at the center of the family will cause you will live happily ever after.

Dating your spouse is one key to a successful marriage.

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