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Do You Bring Out The Best In Your Husband?

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Do You Bring out the Best in Your Husband?
Do You Bring out the Best in Your Husband?

Do you help your husband? Do you bring out the best in him?

I've observed many married couples and seen many different things.

The books, magazines and literature written about marriage, love, and the wife’s responsibilities varies greatly. Some sources contain useful information, but some also have very opposing standards and viewpoints.

Who’s right? What’s right? Where is the solid answer to a marriage filled with joy, stability, fun, intimacy and commitment?

Why do some marriages work and some don’t? Why do some couples look incredibly in love and some look miserable?

I’ve read many books and articles about marriage and the one solid truth comes from the Bible, God’s Word.

God’s Word has the answers to marriage that you can count on 110%.

When you apply these principles to your marriage, you will have true companionship, love and joy with your husband that passes all understanding.

To be your best in the marriage, you can find the qualities you need in The Bible.

I know, I know, your asking “what about him? what about my husband?” Yes, the Bible has his qualities, roles and responsibilities clearly written out too. You can find them at

Married women have a special responsibility in being a help to their husbands.

Let’s start by answering: What is the purpose for marriage?

In Genesis God set the purpose for marriage.

Genesis 2:18 And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.

The account of finding a help for Adam continues in Genesis 2:21-23. God made a woman to be that help for Adam. To complement him, God made a helper for him.

The meaning of “help” in Hebrew is aid.

We learn from Psalms 33:20 and Psalms 70:5 that God is our help.

The dictionary definitions for “help” are to give assistance or support to, to furnish another person with what is needed to fill and insufficiency, or to cause improvement in, to aid the growth of.

Wives are to bring out the best in their husband by assistance.

The Hebrew word for “meet” is corresponding to, suitable for.

God made the wife to be that helper suitable for her husband, bringing out the best in our husband by assistance.

It is not sufficient or satisfactory for man to be alone. God has made a helper (suitable, adapted and complementary) for him.

We help our husbands and bring out the best in them by assistance. We are suitable, adapted and complementary for him.

We fit together like a hand in a glove.

As wives we help our husband in not simply this or that task/situation; but we are a helper in living. We share our life together with our husband. This takes time to be with one another; communicating, being involved in each others lives; sharing intimately goals, dream, desires; and enjoying each others presence.

Now, this requires time, patience, and practice; and you are the only person in the whole wide world who knows how to help and bring out the best in your husband. No one else can do this.


What does this look like today in a practical situation?

Here’s an example from my marriage. My husband likes to run, work out, eat healthy and stay fit. To help him achieve his level of fitness, I make healthy meals for him and I make sure there are healthy snack in the cupboard. I don’t keep cookies or ice cream in the house. This helps my husband with his fitness goals.

Another example is rest. My husband likes to have some time in the evenings and on weekends to rest. With this in mind, I don’t sign him up for 50+ family/kid events. If I see him put his feet up and close his eyes, I ask the kids to keep it quiet so he can rest.

These are simple ways I help my husband, there are many many different ways I help him and our communication is open and honest so my help changes from time to time in each season of life.

It doesn't take 24 hours to help our husbands, it's the mindset and the heart behind our love and care for him.

How do you practically bring out the best in your husband?

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