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Get Out Your Pom-Poms

Get Out Your Pom-Poms
Get Out Your Pom-Poms

HubbyHubby loves, loves, loves football.

During game season, I make a good, honest effort to watch every game, right by his side.

I learn about HubbyHubby's favorite team and his favorite players, celebrate with him when his team wins, and I'm sad when they lose.

HubbyHubby loves to have nachos or Sloppy Joes on game day, so I'm always planning ahead for his favorite meals.

I'm interested in the games and listen to everything he has to say about them.

I adapt to HubbyHubby.

Weather it's football, "Star Trek," scuba diving, sports, video games, biking, movies--whatever it is--we adapt to our hubbies. Show a little interest.

What does your hubby love to do?

Get out your pom-poms and adapt to your hubby.


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