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Happy Hour with Friends

Happy Hour with Friends
Happy Hour with Friends

Tonight, I went out to celebrate a friend's birthday.

During happy hour with my friends, one gal told us all that she and her hubby were 100% out of debt.


She said, "Yeah, I wanted to go on a cruise to celebrate my graduation and my degree, but my hubby said, 'How are we gonna pay for it?'"

She replied, "On a credit card."

He said, "No."

She said, "Okay. Yeah, you're right."

This Week:

Listen to your hubby. Say, "Yes," and agree with his decisions and support him.

Don't sulk, bitch or nag about what you don't get or don't agree with. He's probably been thinking about your shared, long-term financial goals for years. And an idea for a cruise that you just came up with simply might not be feasible. By all means, tell him your celebration ideas. Don't hold back. But...

Remember, hubby makes the final decision.

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