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He's Looking at Other Women When We're Out Together

 He's Looking at Other Women When We're Out Together
He's Looking at Other Women When We're Out Together

Have you ever been out with your Hubby only to catch him turning his head to look at another woman?

How does that make you feel?

Yep. I understand. So, here's something to think about: Be that woman he's looking at. Be her. What happens if you dress to catch his eye. Dress to turn his head to you. Dress to get his attention.

Why? Because men are visual.

What are you wearing right now? Look down at your outfit. What do you have on?

Do you know what your husband likes to look at? Do you know what he likes to see you in?

This week, plan some time to sit down with your Hubby. Make him his favorite drink (coffee, beer, lemonade, bourbon, etc.), and show him some fashion magazines, store catalogues, or outfits on the web.

Ask him what he likes. Ask. Don't take too long though. Just 5 minutes.

I have two favorite places where I love to shop. When those catalogs show up in the mail, I flip through with HubbyHubby, and he tells me what he likes. Lead him on with, "Hm. That's nice." Or, "Hm, she's looks cute in that. Yes?"

Within time and budget, I order or buy those outfits. Then--and this is HubbyHubby's favorite part--after the kids are in bed, I put on a fashion show for him. I make sure he sits where he can catch a glimpse of me changing. It's a fun little special time for us together, and now I'm his "head-turner."

Each week, plan your outfits so that your appearance is well kept.

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