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How to Avoid an Argument

How to Avoid an Argument
How to Avoid an Argument

1. Walk away and count to 10.

2. Ask yourself, "Is this the hill I want to die on?" In other words, "Is this worth the fight?"

3. When you're calm, ask hubby a question (in a kind, sweet tone). Asking a question allows hubby to think and respond. When he gives you an answer, say, "Okay." If you need more information, ask him another question. Sometimes, my tone is so sweet, HubbyHubby will actually laugh.

Some issues don't get immediately resolved, and they'll need to be put off until the two of you can revisit it.

In the End:

In the end, hubby makes the final call, and you will be blessed because you let him be the captain of the ship.


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