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Leftover Stir Fry

Being thrifty really makes HubbyHubby happy. It shows him that I am thankful and appreciative of what we have and that I do my best to make the most of it.

At our house we eat lots and lots of veggies and some protein and some starch.

At the end of the week when there are leftover veggies and protein in abundance, I make Leftover Stirfry.

In a large skillet heat up some coconut oil.

Add a pinch of red pepper flakes, a 1/2 of teaspoon of ginger and 1 teaspoon of turmeric. Cook for 1 minute. (Turmeric is very healthy for HubbyHubby and the whole family.)

Add the veggies and protein and heat through.

Add leftover rice or make a fresh pot if you don't have any.

Serve with soy sauce.

Be thrifty and be in health.

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