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Let Him Out

Let him out by Alicia Gromicko
Let him out by Alicia Gromicko

Today we were in a restaurant having lunch with three other couples.

The husbands were talking about guy stuff; the wives were talking about gal stuff.

HubbyHubby turns to me and says, "Babe, the guys are going out to see a movie tonight at 8:00."

I started to run the day and evening schedule through my head to see if it would work.

HubbyHubby lovingly said, "Just say, 'Yes.'"

"Yes, my love. Yes."

This reminded me that HubbyHubby needs to go out for guy time. And when the guys make a plan, I need to say, "Okay," and figure out the rest.

HubbyHubby wasn't asking for my permission. He wasn't asking for the schedule. He wasn't looking for a discussion. He was telling me of his need, and he wanted to let me know and allow me to meet his need.

After I responded with "Yes," I could see and hear the third couple still talking it out. The wife had said, "No." He couldn't go out because he was to see that movie the following night with her and the family.

Two out of three men went out that night.


Ladies, when our husbands say they want to go out with the guys, let them go. Your sincere, smiling, response should be, "Okay, have fun. And be good."

Don't give him a song and a dance. Do not reply with any of the following: "When?" "Where?" "With who?" "Wait, let me think." "Why?" "What time will you be back?" "Again?" "How long?" Blah, blah, blah.

This Week:

When your hubby mentions "the guys," sincerely encourage him to make a "man date."

You can even bring it up yourself and say, "Hey, your favorite team is playing. You should call the guys and go watch it at the sports bar. Yell at the big-screen TV."

You do this simple thing. You do this once a month or so. Do this, and you'll be rewarded with a most happy hubby.

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