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Master and Commander

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Master and Commander by Alicia Gromicko
Master and Commander by Alicia Gromicko

After watching the movie Master and Commander, for the 10th time (argh), HubbyHubby says, "I'm your master and commander." And winks.

Ah, boy.

Turns out, he really likes to be called Master and Commander. I'm not kidding. He programmed his iPhone to call him that.

So, what does your hubby like to be called?

  • Sweetie pie

  • Honey

  • Babe

  • Babycakes

  • Cowboy

  • My hero

  • Lug nut

  • Shnookums

  • Muffin cakes

  • Hottie biscotti

  • Italian stallion

  • Lover boy

  • Sargent sexy

  • Stud muffin

  • Hunny bun

  • Hot stuff

There's nothing more boring than calling your hubby by his first name. Gosh, I hate hearing that. It's such a great opportunity to be creative and get your hub's attention.

What do you call you hubby? Is it what he likes to be called? Do you even know what he likes?

Ask him.


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