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My Hero, Part II

 My Hero, Part II
My Hero, Part II

Here are a dozen more times when I told HubbyHubby he was my hero:

1. He unloaded the dishwasher.

2. He made the bed.

3. He took the kids on a bike ride and swimming.

4. He had a hugely successful business meeting with a client.

5. He scheduled a camping vacation for the family.

6. He volunteered to be a chaperone for the 4th-grade field trip.

7. He balanced the checkbook and shared the budget with me.

8. He organized the garage.

9. He read a bedtime story to our 1st-grader.

10. He swinged on the hammock with me after dinner and we listened to the kids play.

11. He listened to our 2nd-grader read.

12. He cooked our dinner out on the grill.

The list goes on and on.

This Week:

Pay close attention for opportunities to tell your hubby that he is your hero.


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