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My Knight in Shining Armor

 My Knight in Shining Armor by Alicia Gromicko
My Knight in Shining Armor by Alicia Gromicko

Camping in the Rocky Mountain National Forest is fun. Sleeping in a tent in the middle of the woods is scary. There are all kinds of creepy noises and sounds at night.

Every time I heard a noise, I grabbed HubbyHubby's arm and squeezed tight. Sometimes I would ask, "What's that?" or "Did you hear that?"

A husband loves to feel that he is his wife's protector--brave and fearless. Think of the iconic story of a knight on a white horse, slaying the dragon, and rescuing the fair maiden. That's hot.

This Week:

How can you recognize your hubby as your Knight in Shining Armor?

Here are some ideas:

1. Your hubby handles some intense financial situation and fills you in on the details. Thank him for saving you and taking on such a huge task.

2. You have a flat tire and hubby rescues you. Tell him he is your Knight in Shining Armor.

3. He puts in a long, hard day at work. When he comes home, thank him for working so hard for you and the family.

4. He jumps up in the middle of the night when the smoke detector batteries fail and the unit is giving a warning beep. When he get's back in bed, squeeze him tight and say, "You are my hero."

5. Hubby fixes something around the house or in the car. Wrap your arms around him, give him a kiss and say, "Baby, you're the best. Thank you for fixing the__________."

6. The dishwasher breaks and floods the kitchen floor. Your hubby is on the phone immediately to have the maintenance man come and fix it. Thank your hubby for handling the problem and saving the day.

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