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Praise for your working husband

Weather your husband works from home, works outside the home or is Mr. Mom and runs the home, ask him about his day.

Make this a pleasant time for him.

Have other things as out of the way as possible.

Listen to what he says.

This is a good time for him to release.

Praise him in all categories for his accomplishment and character.

Listen to his stories and give him the time and attention he needs.

Then, make your comments about HIM and how great he is.

Not about the work, partners, projects, clients or job.

Praise him for his great qualities, intelligence, kindness, honor, hard working mind set, perseverance, leadership, drive, passion, commitment, creativity and attention to detail.

This is not the time to give advise about his job, career and projects. This is the time to tell him how wonderful he is, to build him up and love hime up.

What are some specific ways you praise your hubby when he comes home from work?

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