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single? Meet your husband today

God has your husband already picked out for you.

This fact is proven and written in Genesis 2:18

"it is not good that man should be alone"

Well, ladies.... that's where we come in. God's design is for you to have a husband. Yay!

God's job:

Have that man available for you at the right place and the right time.

Your job:

Expect to meet your husband every single day.

Always be ready.

How to be ready everyday:

1. Always look your best

2. Make eye contact and smile at all unmarried men you think are cute. This lets them know your are kind and sweet and approachable. If he has the balls to speak to you, great. If he doesn't, then say hello to him. The only thing you have to loose is your pride.

3. Date as much as possible (3-4 times a week)

4. Do fun things with fun groups of people.

Examples: take a salsa class, join a running group, join a biking group, join a rock climbing group, join a surfing group, join a volleyball team, join any kind of sports team, take workout classes, soprts bars, libraries, study groups, book clubs. Get out where the men are!

Write it down.

Take a piece of paper and fold it long ways (hot dog style)

On the top left write "Needs" then list everything you need your man to be.

On the top right print "Wants" then list everything you want your man to be.

Put this on your mirror or fridge.

Every morning look at your list say out loud, "today I will meet my husband".

Confession of believe equals receipt of confession

These practical keys are call The Law of Believing.

It is believing (action) equals receiving. When you believe and take action to meet your husband you will. This is an immutable law.

Do you your best, let God do the rest. After all, He want's the best for you.


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