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This past week, I was very emotional and sad over a situation.

I went to HubbyHubby and cried and talked and talked and talked.

He immediately went into "solution mode" and started to help solve my problem.

I love him for trying to solve my situation, but what I needed was for him to listen.

Here's why:

  • We are emotional and we love to talk it out.

  • Men are black and white, and they love a mission to fix something.

When you need him to just listen and hold you, say just that: "Babe, I just need you to listen."

When you need a solution, ask him for one.


Tell him about your problem, ask him to listen and provide a solution--tomorrow. That way, he'll really be listening, and he'll feel excited to be on a mission to solve your problem. And you have an entire day without being bothered by him trying to solve your problem.

Be clear. Then, thank him for being your hero.


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