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"Submit"... WHAT?!

 "Submit"... WHAT?! by Alicia Gromicko
"Submit"... WHAT?! by Alicia Gromicko

The word is "submit."

I know, I know. This is a CRAZY word. But let me explain...

For me, "submit" means:

loving obedience by proper arrangement and deliberate decision.

Let's say that again. Submit means to lovingly obey, by a proper arrangement that you have with your hubby, and it takes a deliberate decision.

For me, I deliberately decide to lovingly obey HubbyHubby according to the proper arrangement that we have agreed upon.

Example: Big G (my 11-year-old daughter) wants to listen to music on an iPod with headphones. I don't think it's a good idea.

HubbyHubby and I discuss this for a few days. HubbyHubby says, "Just 10 songs, and after her chores and homework are done. Download some old rock. Include some Bob Marley, too." Huh? Okay. I lovingly obey. Big G is super-happy. Chores are done. She's ahead in her homework.

Because of that, I didn't drive HubbyHubby nuts by being adamant, obstinate and belligerent.

What did I do? I submitted to my Hubby. We did not do what the Joneses do. We did what we worked out according to our proper arrangement. And I made a deliberate decision to follow his lead.

"To submit is an experience beyond words. It's the greatest honor a wife will ever have, and only she can fulfill that responsibility with her husband. There is no substitute--only the wife can be submissive to her husband in this category of life and to this depth." -- Donna Martindale, 1994

"Submit" doesn't happen overnight. Sleep on it. Think about it. Comment on it. Ask questions about it.

I encourage you to choose one issue to consider submitting to your hubby about.

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