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The Center of the Universe

 The Center of the Universe
The Center of the Universe

Our marriage is the center of our family. And our kiddos are like little satellites orbiting around us.

HubbyHubby and I have three school-age girls. We both work and have full lives.

When the girls were 1, 3 and 5, we started getting babysitters for date night. At first, the girls did not like Mommy and Daddy going out. We kept our dates short, and made sure the girls had a great sitter and lots of fun activities planned.

Can you go out with your hubby this Friday? You've got little babies at home? No problem.

Plan a special something for your hubby:

  • Put the little ones to bed and make a simple romantic picnic with candles.

  • Light candles and rub your hubby's shoulders or feet.

  • Have a popcorn-and-movie night with your hubby.

Start a list of ways to carve out special time for your marriage every day.

You can do it. And don't forget the panties!

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