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The weekly Meal Journal

 The weekly Meal Journal

Feeding the family healthy meals is a job in and of itself.

Two things get me by.

1. A long list of lunch and dinner ideas.

2. A weekly food journal.

The meal lists go in the back of the journal (I keep a running list in my computer too for back up).

Then, each week gets two pages.

The page on the left I keep the running grocery list.

The page on the right I write the meals for the week.

I keep this on my counter and live by it.

When someone needs something, they write it on the list.

When a meal gets rave reviews from the family, I make a note of it.

When I have no idea what to make for the week, I look at previous weeks or the list in the back for ideas.

I put a star next to the days of the week when the evenings are very busy.

On those nights, we have soup, salad or baked potatoes. But always something simple.

This keeps me organized for the week.

Staying organized and planned keeps chaos and trouble at bay.

When things run smooth our homes are peaceful and our hubby's are happy.

Be in health.

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