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Top 3 Keys in Marriage

 Top 3 Keys in Marriage
Top 3 Keys in Marriage

1. Sex

2. Finances

3. Communication

There you have it. HubbyHubby and I keep these three in check, and we are good.

1. Sex

HubbyHubby wants it eight times a week. My number is different than his. We talk it out, and decide (according to our proper arrangement) what works for our marriage. Yes, ladies. Men want sex all the time (unless they're eating or, in HubbyHubby's case, watching football).

Men between the ages 19 and 25 think about sex at least once every five minutes.

Men over 25 think about sex at least once every 10 minutes.*

We must give them what they need. What's the saying? "If you like the food being served from your kitchen, you don't need to eat out."

2. Finances

This is a big one. Decide on a budget. Review it weekly and monthly. Live within your means. Stick to it.

I like reading Dave Ramsey at

3. Communication

  • Schedule time to talk every day.

  • Talk about what is important to each of you.

  • Talk about your goals, dreams and desires.

  • Talk about your marriage. Talk about your week coming up.

  • Talk about your plans for the day.

  • Talk about sex.

  • Not sure what to talk about?

  • Try talking about finances. Ask, "Do we have a budget?" That'll start the ball rolling!

  • Or try something more direct and simple:

  • Try, "I love when you hold my hand."

  • Or try, "I love when you make the bed in the morning while I'm in the shower."

  • Or, "I love when you notice my outfit or my shoes."

  • Or, "I love when you open the car door for me."

  • Or, "I love when you snuggle up to me at night."

  • "Do you like spooning? Or making a cuddlepuddle?" Communicate.

  • And remember, men like short and sweet stuff.

  • Give your hubby a yes-or-no question to answer: "Do you like it when I bite your earlobe?" That's an easy opener to communication.

  • Talk. Talk to each other. Talk.

* Source: Fisher, T. D., Moore, Z. T., & Pittenger, M. (2012)

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