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Traveling Husband

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

 Traveling Husband by Alicia Gromicko
Traveling Husband by Alicia Gromicko

Treat your traveling husband like a king.

Today, I learned about husbands who travel. Three wives told me what it's like to have a traveling husband, how they deal with it, how they survive, what works and what doesn't work.

Wife # 1 said that part of her husband's work requires him to attend really great parties and hang out with celebrities while she holds down the fort at home.

Wife # 2 said her husband calls her, tells her what a tough day he's had and that he's going to "stay in tonight and order room service." He spends the night sitting in a luxurious hotel room watching whatever he likes on the big screen TV, while wife holds down the fort at home with 3 kids, laundry and soccer car pooling like mad.

Wife #3 said her husband "throws a wrench into things" when he comes home. Her schedule and groove was all set and when hubby comes home she actually thinks, "Argh. When are you leaving again?"

When spouses travel (husband or wife), it can put stress on the marriage.

How can we treat our traveling hubby like a king?

  1. Renew your mind.

  2. Stay thankful.

  3. Be excited and celebrate his return, no matter what he did while he was away.

Here are a few ideas on how to treat your traveling Hubby like a king.

  • You and the kids make welcome home signs for Dad.

  • Make or pick up his favorite dinner.

  • Throw a table cloth on the table and light a candle for dinner.

Yes. He could be having a great time while away. But being away from you is probably very hard on him.

When I asked my girl friends, "Where would their husband rather be? Home with you and the kids, or on the road?" The immediate and common response (even before I could finish my question) was "at home with the family."

Ah, yes. And there's the heart of our wonderful husbands.

Are they out with a sword sleighing dragons for us? No. Not literally.

Are they in the wilderness with a bow and arrow, hunting and bringing home a kill for dinner? No.

Are they at war fighting a battle to save your home and property? No.

But they are out, on the road for one main reason. One main purpose. To provide and take care of you. You. And the family. Men live to provide and protect. Read The King's Guide for details.

So, when your Hubby comes home, celebrate his return with his favorite things on the planet:

  • Amazing sex

  • His favorite food

  • Appreciation

  • Adoration

  • Love

  • Attention

  • Compassion

  • And all-out thankfulness for his heart and life.

And yes, my HubbyHubby travels.

How do you treat your traveling hubby like a king?


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