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"Treat your husband like a king and your life will be better."

My good friend at the gym loves her hubby a ton. When I told her about she said, "Treat your husband like a king and your life will be better." I couldn't agree more.

Here are some practical ways I treat HubbyHubby like a king:

1. I keep the attractiveness of our home - especially the bedroom.

2. I keep his favorite coffee in stock.

3. I massage his shoulders at night.

4. I thank him when he does something for me - big or small.

5. I speak sweetly to him with a kind tone of voice.

6. I put love notes or lace panties in his lunch box.

7. I have and enjoy sex with him lots.

8. I'm courteous and appreciative of him.

9. I don't nag, criticize, or attempt to remake him - especially in front of others.

10. I keep my attractiveness personally.

11. I spoil him outrageously.

12. I'm practical with my time, money and expectations.

How does this make my life better?

When I treat HubbyHubby like a king, he is built up, encouraged and strong. Like a victorious king who can and will conqueror any task for his woman.

You are the ONLY person on the planet who can treat your man like a king. You, and ONLY you, can love, appreciate, admire, praise and adore him.

This week write down 3 things that you will do to treat your hubby like a king.

Don't know what he wants? Ask him. He'll tell you.

In return, your life will be better.

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