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What Do You Like About Your Hubby?

 What Do You Like About Your Hubby? by Alicia Gromicko
What Do You Like About Your Hubby? by Alicia Gromicko

What do you like about your Hubby?

Don't tell me. Tell him!

Tell him how:

  • You love his voice, especially when he sings. Say, "Sing me 'Happy Birthday' in that sexy voice of yours."

  • You love his choice of music (God, help us). Classic Rock... really?

  • You love his good attempts at grilling dinner. Say, "Babe, how about I pour you a cold beer, and you slap this meat on your hot grill. And, here, baby, put this sexy apron on your grill-master-self." And slap his butt and get him grillin' dinner. Rrrrr.

  • You love his favorite sports team, and also hate it when they suck. Men have a love/hate relationship with their sports teams. I don't know why. They just do.

  • You love how he tries not to get caught checking out some other woman.

  • You love they way he loves you, in bed and out.

  • You love his muscles, his broad shoulders, his arms, and muscular thighs. Arrrgh. Even if he doesn't have a six pack, say, "Babe, you losing weight? Nice butt."

  • You love it when a man opens a door for you, or when a man gives you his seat instead of letting you stand, or when the grocery clerk helps carry your bags. That'll drive Hubby nuts, by the way.

  • You love it when Hubby pulls your seat out at a restaurant, stands up when you have to leave the restaurant table, and stands when you come back.

  • You like what he's wearing today.

  • You think his hair needs trimming--not a cut, just a little trim around the edges. He'll like that you notice the small stuff about his looks.

  • You love his weekend whiskers.

  • You love his sexy underwear and how well they fit, and how good the package is looking in them, like a horse.

  • You love how hard he works at his job. His job can be really difficult. But this one comment can last all day.

Ladies... tell Hubby what you like about Hubby.

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