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What is the Primary Reason for Marriage?

The primary reason for marriage is companionship.

Yes, that's right, companionship.

"The good feeling that comes from being with someone else."

For HubbyHubby and I this means we are together a lot. We love to do things together. We plan to be together.

Here are some example of being together:

  • I'm aware of which room he's in, and that's were I usually am.

  • When he is relaxing or watching TV, I'm sitting next to him reading or writing.

  • We cook dinner together.

  • I keep my schedule free on the weekends or ask him what he wants to do.

  • I make time for him.

  • I make sure I'm free when he's available.

How do I do all this? It's a decision. I decide to be with HubbyHubby, spend time with him and make that time feel good. I also know if he needs guy time or alone time or down time. This comes with time and experience of being his wife and paying attention to his needs.

This week make a list of all the time/times you can spend with your hubby. Schedule that time into your week and keep him your number one priority.

Don't know? Ask him. He'll tell you. :)

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