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Why Does My Husband Need a Cheerleader?

Beth and her husband, Patrick, are both physicians. They each contribute to the household finances. They have two school age children and a fun filled life.

There are schedules to keep, children to taxi around, work, meetings, weekends, sports, food shopping, home repairs, home remodels, mortgages, vacations, bills, etc.

Today, Beth asked me "why does my husband need me to be his cheerleader? I'm working a full career with two children, can't he help himself?"

Beth summed up the entirety of all husbands on the planet.

God created man. Then he created woman. Why? Eve was created to HELP Adam.

Adam needed help.

Your husband needs you to help him.

It's not a bad thing. It is what it is and it ALWAYS will be.

As wives, it is our job to bring out the BEST in our husbands by assistance. They need our help.

How do we help them? With love:

1. Stroke their ego

2. Build them up

3. Be their cheerleader

A practical example:

Beth and Patrick are remodeling their house.

15 minuets before Beth has to leave for work, Patrick asks Beth 50 detailed questions about the new molding that needs to be ordered by noon that day.

Beth says, "I don't have time for this right now, with your meticulous attention to detail this will take hours and I don't care which molding you pick! Just pick something, I have to go."

Cheerleader Beth says, "honey, I love these three moldings. You are so good with attention to detail. I know you will choose the best molding and I will absolutely love it. You are brilliant when it comes to this. I love that you want the molding to be perfect and I love the fact that you care so deeply about our remodel. Thank you for taking all this time to choose what's best. You are such a great man. I am so blessed that you are my husband."

Cheerleader Beth builds up her husband and turns his neurotic attention to detail into his strength.

Patrick feels like a hero, Beth goes to work happy, the molding gets ordered, Beth is happy and proud that she loved up her husband and brought out the best in him.

Here's the kicker:

That night Patrick puts the kids to bed early for Beth. He lights a candle, pours Beth a glass of wine, turns on some nice music, and lays the sun, moon, and stars at Beth's feet.

Ladies, when we build up our men, they will worship the ground we walk on and give you the attention, love and adoration exceeding, abundantly above all that we could ask or think.

 Why Does My Husband Need a Cheerleader?
Why Does My Husband Need a Cheerleader?

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