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3 Tips to Improve Your Marriage Today

3 Tips to Improve Your Marriage Today
3 Tips to Improve Your Marriage Today
  1. Your marriage needs daily attention. Just like everything else in your life, except your marriage needs to be your #1 priority in life. It doesn’t take all day everyday, but it does need special attention each day. Marriage does not run on autopilot. The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. Ignore it, and it will die.

  2. Your marriage will be the marriage of your thoughts, attitude and behavior. Think only good thoughts about your husband, have only the best attitude toward him always. Behave in a loving, sweet, kind and helpful manner always.

  3. Be the first to change. Your husband doesn’t need a sit-down, drag-out heart to heart. Nor does he want to go to therapy! When you treat him with the respect, adoration and appreciation his love for you will grow and he will treat you like a goddess. He will lay the moon and stars at your feet.


  1. My husband loves a shoulder massage at night. Yes, I’m tired and I’ve worked all day and want to relax, but I get out the massage oil and make him my priority. What does your husband LOVE? Do that for him this week.

  2. Here’s what I think of my husband. He works very hard at his job to provide for our family, I’m so thankful that he takes our daughters to their violin lessons and that he stops at the store for milk when we run out. I only speak positively about him to others, always. I don’t nag, criticize, or attempt to remake him – especially in front of others. My behavior shows only love. I make sure to kiss him, hug him and touch him everyday. Touch is very important to our husbands.

  3. I focus on being my best for my husband. I ask myself “is what I’m doing helping or hurting? Building up or breaking down?” I keep tabs on my behavior and make sure I’m bringing out the best in my husband.

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