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Gumma's Italian Cookbook

Gumma's Italian Cookbook: We're supposed to cook and eat like our grandparents did. Gumma is my grandmother. Paperback – December 3, 2016

Gumma's Italian Cookbook

The Queen's Guide to Style

My name is Alicia. My book is “The Queen’s Guide to Style” because when you look your best, you radiate your inner beauty and peace. Your appearance is what people see first and speaks volumes about who you are. Your smile and bright eyes are welcoming to friends and strangers. Your outfit tells the story of where you are going and what you think of yourself. Care enough about yourself to give the best welcoming message and to be approachable.

Queen's Guide to Style

Delicious Home Cooking

We know that our health depends up on what we eat. We know that we’re supposed to cook and eat like our grandparents did. They knew how to cook with old fashion animal fats, oils, butter, meat, rich sauces and gravies, and fermented vegetables. Traditional cooking is both good for you and delicious. But all of that knowledge is disappearing. By cooking good food, we are helping to preserve the ways our grandmothers used to cook and eat, so that future generations can grow up with a stronger understanding of how to live a healthy life. This cookbook is in honor of my grandmother, Gumma, and is a short expression of my thankfulness of what I’ve learned from her. In this cookbook, I’ve shared my favorite recipes that I believe Gumma would love for you to know about.

Delicious Home Cooking

HubbyHubby: A Guide For Women: Learn how to be a great wife, mother and woman.

The HubbyHubby Guide provides tips on how to be a great wife, mother and woman. Learn how to treat your man like a king. My website,, provides tips for women about husbands, family, fashion and food.

This publication is a first volume of my articles.

My name is Alicia Gromicko. I am a wife of a great husband, father of three beautiful children, and I write

HubbyHubby- A Guide For Women- Learn how to be a great wife, mother and woman. Kindle Edit

The King's Guide: Be a Great Husband, Father and Man.

The King's Guide is written for men who enjoy work, women, sex and food. Learn how to be a great husband, father and man. And how to live like a king.

My name is Ben Gromicko. I write The King's Guide at to help the young, single man learn how he ought to be, and to help the mature, married man consider his ways and his role as a husband and father.

The world needs men with strong minds, open hearts and willing hands; men who enjoy work, have courage, honor and strong opinions; men who set goals to achieve and are not afraid of responsibility; men who pursue a life of service. We also need compassionate men who love their wives and children; men who adore womanhood, care for others, and have the ability to love.

The King's Guide

Gromicko's Family Vacation Guide to Akumal Mexico 2015

A mom and dad wrote this guide. We’re not professionals. We wrote this guide because we love to help other parents plan a great family vacation. In this guide, we tried to keep things short and sweet by using lots of images and links to videos of condos along the Akumal beach.

Gromicko's Family Vacation Guide to Akumal
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