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70 Years Together

70 Years Together
70 Years Together

This morning, my neighbor informed me that three married couples in my daughter's class got divorced over the previous school year.

Yikes! I was shocked.

So... let's think for a moment. Let's imagine that you're 90 years old. And you and your hubby have been together for 70 years, and you're sitting together watching the sun set, and sipping lemonade.

The two of you have had many ups and downs, children, fun, vacations, homes, and much, much more.

Ask yourself:

  • Your hubby is the man you want to be with when you're 90. Right?

  • He is the man you made your marriage vows to. Yes?

  • He's a keeper. Right?

But how do you keep him? Ah, that's the question.

Read my blog.

Follow the steps each week to improve yourself and make your husband first in your life.

Your reward will be exceedingly, abundantly above all you could ask for or dream of.

The man you have right now is a good man. He adores you and loves your children.

It's up to you to make him first in your life. Get to "70 years together."

Quick Tip:

Every day this week, walk up to your hubby, wrap your arms around him, squeeze him tight, and thank God for this amazing man.

A good man is so very hard to find, but easy to keep.

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