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A+ marriage

In studying and applying the "how to's of marriage" I've come up with the 4 A's.





Always let your hubby know that he is the most important person in your life.

1. Attention - Give him attention at the best time in the best way he likes it.

Here are some ideas:

give him a squeeze and a kiss when he comes home from work

listen attentively to him talk about his day

comment on how great he is

look at him when you and he converse

sit next to him every chance you get

always look for ways to touch him or hold on to him

lots of physical touch.... like two young people in romantic infatuation

2. Acceptance - A happy state of mind when you realize that it's not your job to make hime over but appreciate him for the man he is.


accept your hubby for the man he is today, without any changes

focus on his virtues and goodness

don't worry about his fault only look at his good side

you are the one secure haven where he can be himself, relax and feel secure

a steady diet of praise

3. Admiration - Admire his manliness; his masculine skills, abilities, achievements, ideas, dreams, and manly body. He needs admiration. The center of your hubby's happiness in marriage is to be admired.


tell him you love his strong muscles

comment on any and all of his masculine skills (computer, building, finance, fixing things)

tell him you love his broad shoulders and strong arms

4. Ass - Need I say more?

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