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Captain of the Ship

Captain of the Ship by Alicia Gromicko
Captain of the Ship by Alicia Gromicko

Have you ever been on a ship? Who's in charge? Who has the final say? Who's steering this thing?

The captain, of course.

Let me tell you about HubbyHubby, the captain of this ship we call our family. On Saturday mornings, we all have breakfast together and talk about the things we'd like to do that day. The girls give their ideas. I give mine. And HubbyHubby gives his. We chit-chat and come up with more ideas.

After breakfast, HubbyHubby might say, "We're gonna go hike Sanitas." That's Mount Sanitas.

There might be some moaning, some groaning, and maybe a little crying and gnashing of teeth from the girls. Even sudden tummyaches and headaches might develop. Hmm. It's not looking good. I can just tell that this is not a good decision, I say to myself. No matter. Captain says, "Let's go." And we go.

HubbyHubby and I pack snacks and water. We gather the troops. And we head out. Oh, boy.

But wouldn't you know... No more than 15 minutes into the hike and there are giggles, laughter, running, skipping, bird-watching, and fun chit-chat. We're all having a great time. Hiking Mount Sanitas. Huh! How about that?

When HubbyHubby is the captain of the ship and shows vision and leadership, the whole family gets on board and has fun.

Is your husband the captain? No? Let him take a leadership role. See what happens. Ya might be pleasantly surprised.

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