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Squeeze Your Man Today

Squeeze Your Man Today by Alicia Gromicko
Squeeze Your Man Today by Alicia Gromicko

When was the last time you walked up to your man and hugged him? I mean a really good, long, strong, squeeze. A tight hug that made him feel like the most loved and adored man on Earth. Do this today and let me know his response and reaction. Here's mine..... My tight squeeze for HubbyHubby was in the morning, and I caught him off guard. It was great. I felt his strong muscular arms squeeze me right back. Then I relaxed my squeeze and melted into his arms. We stood in the kitchen while the rest of the world buzzed with the hustle and bustle of getting ready for the day ahead. Ahhhhh, what a wonderful way to start the day. How often do you squeeze your man? Put this at the top of your "things-to-do list" and enjoy the benefits. Wink, wink. There's a lot of research about the happy chemicals released in your brain from a good hug. But instead of looking all that stuff up, use that computer time to squeeze your man. You may be interested in "Treating Your Man Like a King" from The Queen's Guide.

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