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90 Benefits to you

When I stand on my soap box and give my elevator speech about treating your man like a king, I always, always, always get asked.....

"what about me?".

Well ladies, here's the list:

1. he will be your protector

2. he will be your provider

3. he will nourish you

4. he will cherish you with reverence

5. he will set you on the pedestal of his heart

6. you will have no wrinkles

7. you will be worry free

8. he will love you as Christ loved the Church

9. he will love you as his own body

10. he will leave his father and mother and make your relationship first

11. he will be joined to you

12. he will be one flesh with you

13. you will be treated like a queen

14. he will open doors for you

15. he'll pull out your chair for you

16. he will stand up when you stand up from the table and stand up again when you come back

17. he will adore you

18. he will make you laugh

19. he will be your hero

20. he will have an active concern for your well-being

21. he will adore you

22. he will set you apart in a special way

23. he will teach you to trust in God

24. he will relieve you of any pressures or anxieties

25. he will cover you in love in every possible way

26. he will be sweet, kind and loving so that your heart will melt

27. he will be tenderhearted,

28. caring and

29. encouraging

30. he will see to it that your marriage is alive physically, mentally and spiritually

31. he will see that your marriage is whole and vital

32. he will have loving oversight of your marriage

33. you will enjoy his great care and protection

34. he is the "life giver" of the marriage

35. he will make major decisions concerning your marriage with open and honest communication

36. he will provide the direction for your marriage

37. he will sustain you

38. he is responsible before God for your marriage

39. you will have a marriage of strength

40. your marriage will be full of joy

41. you will overcome challenges and have great victory

42. you will be like-minded

43. you will share the same vision, dream and goals

44. you will move together in love

45. you will have a powerful marriage

46. he will be committed to you

47. he will be loyal and faithful to you.

48. your marriage will be successful

49. your marriage will grow and flourish

50. your marriage will be sweet

51. you will enjoy the blessing and tenderness of his love behind closed doors

52. you will enjoy his attention

53. you will sleep better

54. you will have great companionship

55. he will take loving responsibility for you

56. he will make you whole with God's Word

57. he will speak with the wisdom of God

58. he will confront and absorb what adverse or harmful influences he can for you

59. he won't ask you to handle more than you can

60. he will make sure that your marriage is loving, tender and continually growing

61. he will cover you in love in every possible way

62. you will be nurtured

63. he will provide you the necessities to be strengthened

64. you will be healthy

65. as you grow closer to God, you will grow closer to your husband and your marriage will be strong

66. you will be more than a conqueror in every situation

67. he will tenderly oversee you and your marriage and family

68. he will care for you

69. he give you a warm, tender, and caring home life

70. he will facilitate and promote growth

71. he will soften you with the tenderness of his heart

72. he will cherish you with his tender love and care

73. he will cover you with his warmth and protection

74. you will be glued or welded together

75. he will keep your marriage tight together

76. he will keep your marriage growing strong

77. he will not let the sun go down upon your wrath

78. he will not let problems carry over to the next day

79. he will make sure your problems are resolved in love

80. he will forgive and forget and move on after things have been resolved

81. he will only think and say the absolute best of you and to you

82. he will work heartily in and at your marriage with you daily

83. he will glorify God together with you

84. he will be an amazing father to your children

85. he will not provoke your children to wrath or cause them to be uspet

86. he will be a great upstanding citizen

87. you will proud of him

88. you will honored to be his wife

89. you will be thankful for his heart and life

90. together you will make a powerful impact and be a great example of what a beautiful, loving, committed, growing, exceeding, abundantly above all you could ask or think marriage will be.


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