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How to get through anything in your marriage

Today I had coffee with Zoe.

Zoe told me of an extremely difficult time in her marriage.

A time of life and death.

The situation she and her husband faced ends 98% of all marriages.

It is a situation you and I most likely have never, or will never face.

How did she and her husband survive and stay together?

They decided to be a team.

To stick together and fight together against the problem. Not against each other.

It was her father who was visiting, who sat them down and said, "I've hear enough, you've been fighting for days. Get your sh*t together and get on the same page."

Zoe decided to do just that.

She made a conscious decision which took effort, work and a renewing of her mind. She decided to work with her husband, not against him and fight the situation together.

Zoe said it took work and commitment, and together she and her husband were victorious.

What are you and your hubby fighting about?

Take the high road and look at your situation from birds eye view. Why are you fighting against the greatest partner you have? Be a team. Be together. Stay together.

Oh and, as my hubby ALWAYS ALWAYS says.... "the make-up sex is the BEST!"

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